Niche Site Journey

There are several reasons I am going to do this and they all kind of overlap. Perhaps you can relate, and chances are that you do if you are reading this.

  • Always had an interest in making websites
  • Personal Development
  • To gain experience
  • Enjoy learning
  • To learn to give up my “baby” and to fail fast

Why do this now?

I’m not in school until next September because of my current full-time job, 7:30am-3:30 pm and sometimes 4:30 am until 12:30 pm.


One of the goals I have made for myself is to create something sustainable so when I do go back to school, I can afford a Jr.Chicken or a McDouble from the McDonald’s value menu. I will start making a niche site every week until I run out of ideas, get really depressed, or leave for vacation. There is also some realization to this crazy idea that create one per week is not sustainable. Though I will create them at my own pace once it becomes overwhelming.

In addition, most of the information I have found or keep finding regarding a similar journey is from a while back. Not many are really detailed for creating a niche site in 2015. Fortunately, it is near the end of the year so my journey will carry on into 2016, and what better way for anyone to learn to do this than to witness it happen and try it yourself. Here’s hoping to me making it to creating my first niche site in 2016.

transparent learning

A bit about myself

I’m not a complete noob to making websites, however, the only things I know about SEO and making Niche sites is what I have read online. All the readings I will do to learn about advertising, marketing, etc, will be posted as I go along.

To break down what my typical day would look like.

Monday – Friday
6:00 am – 4:00 pm includes eating, showering, my job, and commute.
4:00 pm – 9:00 pm includes free time to work on the niche site.
9:00 pm – 11:00 pm is gym time, including commuting and showering.

Saturday and Sundays
These days are for hanging out, catching up on sleep and doing other random shit.
Since I want to make a new niche site every week for the best learning experience, I will figure out my next niche website topic during these 2 days and do research.

How will I screen for my next niche?

  • It has to be about one of my interests or products I have used
  • Will I want to write about this 3 months from now?
  • There has to be some competition

Since this will be quite a challenge, there are a few things that we need to get straight.


  • No paying for advertisements
  • WordPress with responsive theme
  • Optimized around 3 keywords
  • Only about products I have used
  • 3 Months to $100
  • No linking from this blog


  • Understand that it takes time
  • Develop a routine and stick to it
  • It is a numbers game
  • It is ok to suck in the beginning

expect to see

  • Amount of time and money spent
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Affiliates
  • How I decided to get traffic
  • Google Analytics
  • Income
  • All the resources

I will start this niche site journey on November 16!

If there are things you would like to see me test out let me know and leave a comment below.

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