Where and how to learn?


There is a lot of good content to find online. As I skim through a lot of articles, I am slowly making a resource list. As of now, I have several folders that are titled;

  • Blogs to Follow
  • Tools
  • Affiliate Networks
  • To read
  • Forums

I will share what I use as I begin making my first niche site.


I am reading literally everything. Even if it is a repeat or from 2010, it has value. A lot of knowledge is being dropped regarding Google algorithms, how to perform keyword research, and everything else.


Most of the things that I read will end up being paraphrased here in order for me to become immersed in the knowledge.


Stop listening to music and listen to some knowledge instead. Replacing music on my commute with some internet marketing or entrepreneurship podcasts helps me become completely surrounded by this topic. There are a few podcasts that I listen to, check them out on the resource page.

immerse yourself

  • Start Researching
  • Read articles
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Surround yourself with other like minded people

My biggest concerns

The number one thing that scares me the most right now is link building. Internal SEO isn’t that bad, you can read a few articles and install the plugins to make it work. I mentioned in my previous post about fucking up SEO on my own pages, but I think that if I mention my keywords twice or three times on the same post, it will be fine.

Yoast SEO plugin helps out too by giving you immediate feedback and some guidelines to follow. You want to be in the green.yoast seo guidelines

Expanding your “internet social circle” is another level. This requires link building and expanding your comfort zone to go ahead and meet other bloggers.

This is currently out of my comfort zone, and it is something that I will tackle using my “numbers game” mentality. The more I do it, the better I will get, and the better the results I will experience.

Let me know what I can help you with and what stage you are at by leaving a comment below!

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