The Numbers Game

I want to elaborate on the mindset that I believe is required to succeed.

Blogging and creating niche sites is easy to start, but hard to maintain.

This is a realization that is important to have early on. Don’t have any instant gratification expectations. You might make $100 the first month or you might not make anything for the first 3 months. Whatever happens, just stick to the process.What makes you nervousThere are few things already that make me a bit nervous. Acknowledging them and tackling them ASAP will allow you to stay in the game longer.

  • Fucking up SEO so the search engines hate me
  • Link building requires you to reach out to other bloggers
  • Not having any visitors after a month

SEO is something that can be learned by posting a lot of content, researching keywords with tools such as Long Tail Pro or MarketSamurai and being smart about how you format your posts. Reading enough about SEO while incorporating the new things you learned in your writing will make you a smarter writer. To become a better writer, read books.

Link building requires you to become Online. What I mean by that is; finding new blogs, leaving comments, and creating or maintaining your online relationships. You can also do this by attending local meet-ups, something I have not given a chance. Becoming online will create a presence in the community and people will look at you as an authority.

The point to making a niche site is to provide value to people, to at least 10 people a month, or 100. If no one is reading the content, there’s no point for the website to exist. It may as well be an offline diary. Learn how to promote, post on social media, put up ads around your area, do anything you can that will bring in visitors.

Numbers Game

The way I think of it is that everything is a numbers game. The more times you do something, the higher your chances are of getting positive results.

It is perfectly alright to suck in the beginning as long as you are getting better every day. Create new strategies to reach out to people, keep your blog posts updated, and keep yourself accountable.

Where should you apply the numbers game?

  • Going to the gym more often will make you healthier and fitter
  • Dating more people will let you find out what kind you person you want to be with
  • Applying to more jobs makes it more likely for you to find a job that you want
  • Continuously learning and improving in one area will make you a master at it

Applying the numbers game towards creating niche site a week will push me to research, learn, create and innovate. I have already set apart the time to do this, check out my first post to know more about the journey.

What am I up to?

  • Added several pages to this blog
  • Reading SEO and learning Keyword Search Tools
  • Figuring out email lists
  • Learning link building

Let me know what makes you nervous in the comment section below!

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