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The first niche site was a roller coaster. Getting the theme to work properly, finding plugins and generally just working on all the little details can give you a wake up call about what to expect when to creating a niche site.

Fortunately that part is done, and with this second niche site, the domain will be purchased today, and it will be much easier to set it up.

Revised Schedule

Post here and on the first niche site.

Post on second niche site.

Wednesday – Saturday
Promoting, editing and researching.

Post here.

Niche Site Two

This time the niche will be in the make up industry. The reason is because a few people in my family are pretty knowledgeable regarding this topic, and I figured if this niche site turns out to be something that people occasionally visit, having their business advertisements on it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The domain will be bought through dreamhost, and hosted on my shared plan.
Total cost $16.

Now, because all of the small details are worked out regarding the initial set up, this entire week will be focused on making content and learning to promote it.

Using Pinterest and Twitter at the same time is sustainable, partly. Although pinning and tweeting takes a few seconds, making cool images for your posts is a bit time consuming.

Therefore, we will ignore pinterest for this week and the primary medium that we will be focusing on is twitter. The goal is to get 100 followers on each niche twitter account.

Niche Site 1 is at 2 followers.
Niche Site 2 is at 0 followers.

Niche site verticals


These niche sites are build to establish authority and to make income. Therefore the affiliate programs need to be set up quick and the target audiences have to be defined very well.

Cheers to week number two!

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