Countering a Private Blog Network (PBN) with Content and Social Media

What's going on reader! It's been a while since my last update. Things have been getting a little competitive. About 3 weeks ago, some of the keywords I rank for got bumped by what I suspect to be a niche site backed by PBN.

Reason why I concluded it to be due to a PBN was because the site looks bad, it's been around for just a year, it has no visible quality back links, and there's nothing about it on the Wayback Machine. In addition, it somehow managed to bump my other competitors who have been doing fairly well. The content that they are competing with me for looks spun off mine, are I expect the others to be spun as well.

Content and Social Media

In my last blog post, I discussed 3000 word blog posts, which I have been focusing on more so than before and they are proving to be quite useful. The long tail keywords are bringing in traffic.

I outsourced the writing and real product reviews my writers. Paying them to buy products, use them, take photos, and write real and honest reviews. The issue is the consistency of the photo qualities and well, the writing styles. I have 3 writers and they all have their own unique personality and different smartphone camera.

In addition, the amount you pay totally equals the content quality you receive. Usually my rate was $10 per 1000 words, however, I will be raising the budget and see what kind of content will be made for $23 per 1000 words.​ Hopefully the improved content quality moves me from the stalemate on SEM Rush.

SEMRush Data June 2017

Previously I was paying $30 for the content, and $30 for photos and products that the writer buys. Not a bad deal for them, especially since the products are only $5-$10 each and they get to keep them.​ Raising the budget for writers will push me away from making them buy the product. I'll be doing that personally and take my own photos to push to instagram, facebook, pinterest, etc.

June Revenue

June was a great month, highest income yet. Note that I added the amazon sales from UK and Canada as well in my chart above.

Amazon June 2017





Google Adsense


Shopify Sales




Below is my overall plan for July, these are the things that I want to get done regardless;

  • Publish two 3000 word blog posts
  • Become consistent with content quality
  • Put up facebook ads to promote blog posts

July Expenses



Two 3000 Word Articles


Facebook Ads (Depends on the conversions)


Shopify (Monthly Plan)


Content Update


Art and Animations




​To be honest, I've been a bit of a slacker recently with SEO and not digging deep enough to find those amazing long tail keywords. This is about to change as I will be working real hard to push some product sales related to the niche using shopify and oberlo dropshipping.

My game plan is to have a 3000 word blog post with great photos (that I will personally take), some art, and facebook ads.​ I think I need some kind of checklist to follow when publishing 3000 word blog posts.

  • Solid long tail keyword research (KWFinder)
  • Including the longtail keyword 5-10 times in a 3000 word post
  • A minimum of 5 photos
  • Social Media Shares
  • Optimize Post for AMP
  • $50 on Ads (Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest)
  • Link Build for 2 Weeks
  • Insert Newsletter Sign Up into Article
  • Ensuring Meta Data is on Point

That checklist covers pretty much everything I can possibly think of and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to do, with the exception of link building. If I follow those steps for each 3000 word post, I am confident that I will see an increase in traffic and amazon sales.

Building an Audience

The entire point of a niche site is to be ranking #1 for a search term on google in order to make sales. However, what happens when someone with better links decides to write an article about the same damn thing, focusing on those exact keywords that you rank for? You will lose unless you are an established authority that can directly compete on the same level with them.

To build that authority, the site needs to have quality content that is very shareable, and an audience that keeps coming back to read the content, instead of searching for the keyword, seeing your article, reading it, and never coming back again.​

In order to build an audience, I need to build that email list and push visitors to follow the instagram, twitter and pinterest accounts. Getting people to instagram from the website is kind of difficult, the only thing I can do is have a link to it. However, building an email list should be a little easier. As far as I know, everyone recommends to give something away to get subscribers, otherwise they will not give you their email.​

To get followers on instagram, I am just siphoning followers from other people and putting up interesting content.

This is my gameplan for July! I look forward to reporting back soon.

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