Formatting Posts

WordPress formatting has never been my strong suit. Issues such as line spacing, font types and image placement always work against me. As I’m writing this, my screen is too damn big to actually see how it will turn out. If you are having a problem with getting your posts to look exactly how you […]

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First Niche Site – The Process

Today marks the beginning of the journey we are about to set on. It is also the day I spend $16 Canadian to get a domain for a year. Hosting is already included because I got it for a few projects during the summer. So what was the process to determine the type of Niche […]

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Where and how to learn?

Research There is a lot of good content to find online. As I skim through a lot of articles, I am slowly making a resource list. As of now, I have several folders that are titled; Blogs to Follow Tools Affiliate Networks To read Forums I will share what I use as I begin making […]

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The Numbers Game

I want to elaborate on the mindset that I believe is required to succeed. Blogging and creating niche sites is easy to start, but hard to maintain. This is a realization that is important to have early on. Don’t have any instant gratification expectations. You might make $100 the first month or you might not make […]

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Niche Site Journey

There are several reasons I am going to do this and they all kind of overlap. Perhaps you can relate, and chances are that you do if you are reading this. Always had an interest in making websites Personal Development To gain experience Enjoy learning To learn to give up my “baby” and to fail […]

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