Different methods for Niche Sites

I’m proud to say that my blog and two other niche sites are completely overhauled. The layouts are adjusted and the lead generation methods are setup in a similar way as you see here. Layouts Lead Generation There are just a few things left to do; Present niche sites in a different way A/B test […]

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Lessons Learned

This week has been a bit of work for this blog and the 2 niche sites I have out. First of all, learning and researching about email lists further showed me that the free methods of gathering email lists are not as efficient as they could be. SumoMe HelloBar MailChimp HTML codes Those above are […]

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More than one Social Media Account

2 Niche Sites 2 Twitter Accounts 2 Pinterest Accounts. Why do I have 2 of everything? These numbers will keep growing with more niche sites I build and it is something I have to look at from a manageable standpoint. The Pros Niche specific audiences Higher chances of success when putting out a product The […]

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Tokyo for a Week

Japan was a very good choice for the first trip to Asia. Getting around was easy, just keep your phone charged. We got lost every day, but it’s not the type of lost where you are pulling your hair out, it’s a new adventure. Tokyo is massive and 5 days is definitely not enough to […]

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Niche Site in another Vertical

The first niche site was a roller coaster. Getting the theme to work properly, finding plugins and generally just working on all the little details can give you a wake up call about what to expect when to creating a niche site. Fortunately that part is done, and with this second niche site, the domain will be […]

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