Build your Website Audience

Let’s assume you already have people coming to your website. The next important step is to build your website audience. How do you do this? There are a few ways; be an authority, be relatable, have a unique opinion;  or simply just do giveaways. Examples of Products Step by Step GuidesPrintable ChecklistseBooksOnline CoursesAffiliate Links with […]

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Blog Post Keyword SEO Guide

There’s no easy way to begin this post, especially after reading a lot of SEO tips and tricks. Let’s get down to the harsh truth. A lot of people who are not in this industry do not know how to properly optimize their keyword SEO on their blog posts or websites. However, if you want […]

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December Transparency Report

Not going to lie, December was a slow month. Slowly beginning a transition into monthly reports, only so much can happen within 7 days. However, if anything noteworthy does come up, it will be mentioned ASAP.This blog and the first niche site are slowly progressing at an even pace.A takeaway I had recently due to […]

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