Niche Site Progress (One Year and 4 Niche Sites Later)

What's going on! It's been a very long time since the last time I wrote anything on here. To be fair, I sort of moved away from making niche sites and decided to try making apps. That went well, made 2 actually. One is profitable at an average of 100 USD per month, and the other was recently released. I have yet to market the latter.

niche site progress

However, there's a reason why I decided to come back to this and write about what happened. If you're not familiar, I had a goal of making a niche site every week until I burnt out. I burnt out fast. After 4 niche sites to be exact. 1 is running and profitable, the other 3 are dead. However, now that I got a handle on outsourcing, I am most likely going to either revive them or get into some that I actually have a passion for.

Niche Site Progress​

This experience taught me that I enjoy delegating tasks, and marketing. The first niche site is actually so profitable now, that it has covered most of the costs for Domain Hosting, domain registration, and ThriveThemes after just 1 month, all via amazon affiliate sales. If you want to break it down into the actual costs, it's about $250 USD.

Amazon Affiliate Data

December was great, but it's usualy a great month for everyone since people are on a buying frenzy for the holidays. I expected sales to slow down in January, however, they did not. Instead, they remained the same.

So, you're probably interested. What's my strategy? To be honest, I am doing the exact same things I wrote about before on this blog. I've made my strategy a long time ago, but the last remaining ingredients were constistency and patience.

Let's be real. Content is king. The more you put out, the more likely you will get organic traffic. However, to scale the traffic, you have to get links to your content.

Content is King

I outsourced 4 posts each month at 1000 words, and while that was being done, I did my best to reach out and guest post. The Hoth gave me some links, but I don't think they helped in any significant way. I spent what, $200 on the Hoth? Looking back it now, it was not worth it. That amount could have been 20 blog posts, or just 10 with some sick art.

Link building is pretty basic, you just google link building, read the most generic posts about how to guest post, and go on your way. There's no secret. It's a numbers game. Maybe being relevant to what's happening in the world will help out. Guest posts pitches about summer shoes when it's winter is a bad idea. Unless you spin it that winter is actually the best time to buy summer shoes because they are on sale. Like I said before, it's a numbers game, and we can add that it's also dependent on your ability to stay relevant.

Niche Site Progress Data

If you want to begin a niche site in 2017, and you're feeling it, then follow my steps;

  • Make it about something you give a crap about.
  • Post as much as you can. Make sure it's relevant, and good.
  • Link build. Externally, Internally, all the good stuff.
  • Get your audiences emails.
  • Make it pretty. Kind of how I am doing it for this blog post with the images.

I am currently trying out step 5 on my profitable niche site. This is being done by outsourcing graphic design and then using it on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest. I don't have concrete data about this yet, but it's just a matter of time.

That's all I have for now. I'll be trying to market this blog post hard, probably on Instagram and Facebook. So if you end up reading it, say hi, and let me know if you have any questions. After having profitable niche site progress, I get a feeling I may be able to help.

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