More than one Social Media Account

2 Niche Sites
2 Twitter Accounts
2 Pinterest Accounts.

Why do I have 2 of everything?

These numbers will keep growing with more niche sites I build and it is something I have to look at from a manageable standpoint.

The Pros

  • Niche specific audiences
  • Higher chances of success when putting out a product

The Cons

  • Management may get too intense
  • Scheduling posts will take a bit of time

So far, the reason for having more than one social media account is to split all niche sites apart and grow specific audiences. Management at the moment is easy enough, and this will definitely be something to reconsider at the point of more than 5 niche sites.

At the moment, it is a struggle to get into habit of posting on twitter and pinterest.¬†Pinterest requires images and twitter requires scheduling with several real tweets (non-robot looking). Once the process for¬†creating content with solid images and epic lines gets good, pinning and tweeting them won’t be a problem.

Tools to Use

LastPass plugin for your browser – Manage accounts instead of micro managing your one account in several fields.
HootSuite – Scheduling posts
Crowdfire – Keep track of followers and unfollowers

Niche Site Analytics

The stats for the past month are not what I was going for.

Page Views

This Website – 594
Niche Site 1 – 92
Niche Site 2 – 0


This Website – 129 Followers
Niche Site 1 – 4 Followers
Niche Site 2 – 0 Followers


This Website – 2 Followers
Niche Site 1 – 1 Follower
Niche Site 2 – 0 Followers


0. Let’s be real, it’s only a month in.


$5 for Crowdfire

I don’t expect anything for a while, especially since I pulled a vacation early into this journey.

Eating in Tokyo
This week will be the restart phase and getting into the process of producing. posting, and promoting. Right now it’s about getting back on track and always being ON.

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