Great First Blog Post – A 16 Step Guide

The new year is upon us, and it is time to get serious. This is a guideline I developed for myself regarding how to publish a great first blog post. It gets easier to do this after publishing around 5 blog posts while following this process.

You may have a tendency to publish unfinished posts. This kills the brand and you are left with an unsatisfied feeling. It's time to get rid of this bad blog posting habit.

Anticipate this to take you about a whole day to do properly on your first try. Don't publish your post just to say you're "done".

Write your first great blog post properly with these easy to follow steps below!​

16 Steps to Publishing your Great First Blog Post

1. Allocate some time of your day to writing.

2. Decide what the fuck you will write about.

3. Perform keyword SEO research and target several long tail keywords.

4. Start writing your first great blog post!

6. Make sure you're around 400-700 words. Write everything that comes to your mind then erase the fluff. Only the essentials stay.

7. Use the Coschedule headline analyze tool to write your headline, aim for above 70 points.

8. Create some sweet ass pictures on Canva after you're done. Turn some of your post content into images.

9. Split the post into easy to read paragraphs and format is using the pictures.

10. If you have affiliate links, cloak them with pretty link lite.

11. Include social media sharing buttons somewhere. I use ThriveThemes so the buttons are automatically hovering on the side as you can see.

12. Have a short newsletter or lead area in the middle of the post. Get MailChimp and use their plugin. Use this to build an email list!

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13. Tell the people to leave comments. Thank them for finishing reading the post.

14. Upload pics to Pinterest. Write a description too and include a link to your post. Make it easy for people to pin your sweet ass pictures with the Pinterest plugin.

15. Schedule 5 tweets on Hootlet. One today, on tomorrow, one a week from now, one two weeks from now, and one a month from now.

16. Promote it. Reddit, your friends, post on relevant blogs, acknowledge their content and tell them what you've done. Contact them on twitter too.

Remember to follow the same process for your next post. Use the same style or something slightly improved for your Canva designs. Build a brand with it.

This is process can be followed for any post. Whether it be for product reviews, to convey a message, and especially if you are writing your first blog post! This was written on Evernote and formatted later using ThriveThemes visual editor. Check out the resource page for further details!

Appreciate you taking the time to read this. Leave a comment below and let me know what you have been doing in the past that produces positive results.

Happy New Years and I wish you a great 2016! - Pav

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