How do I get on the first page of Google

Hey reader! Welcome back. I’ve got a nice little update regarding one of my niche sites and the exact process that went on to get to the first page of google. Let’s be honest straight away, this keyword that it ranks for is not the most searched, but the fact that it happened from a blog that is barely 3 months old is amazing. 

In this post, I will answer the big question of "How do I get on the first page of Google". In addition, you will learn about my plans for the following month and how to take your site to the next level.

Let's begin the transparent learning.

Two months ago I wrote an article in the fitness niche. It had very little Keyword SEO to optimize it except the Post Title, URL, Image Names, and the one time I mentioned the keyword in the post itself.

2 Months later, on January 26, I decided to type it into google. To my surprise, it was on the first page of and the 4th link. That's pretty damn cool. It's not something that is searched often but I was able to rank for those keywords.

Now, to validate my keyword SEO blog post, I used my new knowledge and optimized that blog post. Looking at it again, it is now number two on the first page of google.

Keyword competition for this keyword in Long Tail Pro is 24, with competing sites being YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and a few fitness websites or blogs.

This looks like a case of keyword relevancy. My blog post is based around 3 words while the competition is either looking at 1 or 2 of those words together. Google certainly wants you to get results for what you search for.

What are the specs of this blog post?

Well, the focus keyword was in the following things:

  • Blog Post Title
  • URL
  • Image Names
  • Focus Keyword in Yoast SEO Plugin
  • Once in the Blog Post

The blog post is around 400 words​ and there were no affiliate links. Nothing bolded, nothing underlined, nothing literally done regarding those 3 keywords except what you see in the bullets above.

That's pretty much it. How this answered your; "How do I get on the first page of google?" question.

Let's move on towards the direction I plan to take my niche sites in for the following few months.

I am removing affiliate links from the niche sites unless I use the images from amazon. The reason for this is to do an experiment and see how it affects ranking.

This blog can keep its affiliate links because it is currently my main source of income.

As of today, the domain authority of this blog is a 6. Mind you the blog is only 3 months old and the only backlinking I did was on Reddit, other Blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and within the blog itself. There are no other links I can think of.​

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I did previously toy around with the idea of starting a 3rd niche site, however, the more I learn regarding making content, keyword SEO, backlinking, the less time I find to work on all 3 of my current blogs.

The new focus will be on my local niche site in the beauty industry. Fitness isn't working out too well because the market is too saturated and it is REALLY hard to find any keywords as I outlined in my keyword SEO post. In addition, since my family already has products in the beauty industry, it is easier to get ideas for posts and legitimate photos.

I may have fucked it up by making the blog local instead of a dot com. Most of the niche sites that I come across are indeed a dot com and they just exist to make money with their little amazon affiliate links and buy now buttons.

If the .ca domain will look like it is killing my ranking, I will transition to another domain name and simply do a 301 redirect. Let me know what you think regarding this. It's bugging me a bit.

One main thing I will start doing is publishing 3 posts based on keyword SEO and one "Fun" post to keep myself from breaking down and becoming a robot.

While writing in my moleskin plans on getting an audience, I coined the term 100 TIP. It's an acronym for following 100 people on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest ever day. Usually, 10% of the people I follow, follow me back.

You may find it hard to get people to visit your blog since people go on these social media sites for exactly that, social media. They aren't interested in clicking other links unless you know how to bait your audience. BuzzFeed does this well.

That $100 affiliate link income back in November made me realize that I didn't mind spending money to make money. That income immediately went into helping me get ThriveThemes.

When you start to make some money, it is better to spend it on upgrading services, hiring people on Fiverr or Upwork to help you create better content. Let's move on to what I've been up to.

NichePursuits are creating niche sites with some students through transparent learning. I follow their advice and methods of doing things.

Based on their walkthroughs, I devised a plan for the beauty blog.

  • Find 100 Keywords with less than 30KC
  • Some of those keywords must have at least 1000 people searching for them

I plan on having at least 10 articles that are within 1000 words, and 5 big posts of around 2000 words.

To conclude this blog post, I found out that keyword relevancy is really important and that writing for fun is much needed. Writing content for Niche Sites reminds me of a scene from Wolf of Wallstreet when they are talking about how much they need to masturbate from dealing with all the numbers. If you do keyword research, you can totally relate to this.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this. Hope you got some solid information out of this blog post and motivation to keep going.

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