Guide to Anchor Radio App (Make your own radio station!)

What is going on everyone! If you ever though about doing your own podcast, this is the absolutely best time to do so. This is my Guide to Anchor App - radio, reinvented.

This new app is no doubt going to gain popularity very quickly as it allows anyone and everyone to make their own unique radio station. It's as simple as holding up your phone to your ear and speaking into it.

Why you should be on Anchor

Anchor allows you to be the host of your own personal station. 

The biggest deal is the fact that your listeners can call in to your station, ask a question, or in general just start a conversation. If you chose to reply, you may proceed to add their question to your station along with your recorded reply.​

Anchor is showing similar features to other apps that went viral by allowing you to communicate and establish relationships with your followers or listeners.

  • Periscope went viral by allowing you to be a reporter.
  • Instagram created a generation of influencers.

If you have missed the window of becoming one of the early adopters of Instagram or Periscope, this is your chance with Anchor.

Let's get into this. It is a lot of content, so if you have already done some of the things, feel free to skip to the sections that matter to you the most.​

Guide to Anchor App

Guide to Anchor App

Installing and Setting Up Your Account

The first thing you want to do is download the app on your android or ios device.

Next, create an account or login with one of your existing Facebook, Twitter, or google accounts (If you're on android). Be warned, if you choose the sign in with google option, you will not be able to login on their website to upload your existing audio content. I highly recommend you sign up with email, facebook or twitter.

Login Anchor App
Choose Account Anchor
Anchor App Name

​After you create your account, you need to go to your profile and setup your station. 

Guide to Anchor App
Anchor App Profile
Anchor App Edit

Choose a name for your station that gives the listener some kind of understanding as to what you are all about. You could also just use your name.

I changed my name to "Pav - Passive Income" for several reasons. First, my nickname is Pav, and my Anchor Station will be about passive income. This is important for when people search for something to listen to regarding that topic.

Next, make your anchor url, I just made mine PassiveIncome. This only matters for people who go to your station through a web browser.

​The next step is to write a description for your Anchor station. You get 110 characters, I highly suggest that you use them all and give the sharpest description about your station that you possibly can, while at the same time, ensuring the keywords you use are things that people search more so than not.

Anchor App Profile Edit
Anchor App Profile Name and Description
Anchor App Connect Social Media

Now we move on to adding your website to the station. If you do not have one, use your facebook, instagram, twitter, or perhaps start a blog that will be inline with the station. Check out my resource page for things to use on a blog.

Then you may choose a color scheme to match your stations vibe.​

You also have the option of connecting your twitter and facebook profiles to Anchor. This lets you find people who you already follow on those platforms on Anchor.

Anchor App has an interesting way of finding people to listen to when you use their search function and you can read more about "how to be found on the anchor app" later on in this article. Let's begin recording.

How to Record on Anchor

Guide to Anchor App: How to Record

Let's begin recording your first Anchor App Clip!

The first thing you want to do is press the big red button with a white microphone on at the very bottom. Then, press it again and hold. Voila, you are now recording.

Just tapping the red button won't work because it automatically turns off.

The other way to record is to hold the phone to your ear and speak into it as if you are talking to someone. Anchor will automatically turn on the mic.

Personally, I hold my phone in front of my face when I'm at home. But if you're walking around somewhere public, it makes much more sense to pretend like you're on a call.

The best place to record your anchor app clip is somewhere quite. Let's remember that we are using a phone after all, so the quality isn't the best and the noise filter is very minimal.

You could buy some kind of wireless bluetooth headset with a mic, but for now, let's just assume we are only using our phone.​

Record yourself!

Anchor App Record Menu

Preview your clip

recorded clip

Delete what you don't like

Delete Clip Recording

If you make a mistake, simply delete your recording by tapping the red button again and press yes to erase the segment.​

When you finish recording your clip, press play to preview, and maybe even add a background track to make it sound more awesome (like it's an amazing production quality podcast).​ Play around with that feature, it's really cool.

When you are ready to continue, press done. Anchor will ask you to give a caption to your clip. Even though it says optional for some reason, this is hella important. Give your recording a good title. If you don't, it will show up as untitled. Lame.

If you talked about your dog and its favorite toy, name your recording "Dog Toys - why my dog loves to chew on xyz and how it has postively affected my dogs life".

After adding the caption and confirming, the clip becomes public.​

  • Clips are available to the public for the first 24 hours. Then they get archived.

Add a Caption!

add clip to your station

No Caption = Untitled. 🙁

Untitled Anchor App

Uploading the Segment!

uploading segment on anchor

Your clips get archived after 24 hours and are no longer available to the public. To avoid this, turn them into episodes so people can tune in anytime.​

  • You can interview your friend and record the call within the app.

Simply hit the interview tab and call your friend. Anchor will begin recording and publish your talk when you hang up and confirm.

interview tab in anchor app

Let's make an episode! They last forever.

To turn your clips into an episode, chose the episodes tab, and press on the add episode button.

Select all the clips that you want to add and click next. As of now, you are unable to move around your clips. So if you messed up with your recording order, good luck.

For example, if I select my "Making Money Online" clip, then "fresh blog content", and finally "Intro", intro will play first because it was recorded earlier.​ The order in which I selected does not matter, they sort by time of recording anyway.

Give your episode a title, a description and then hit publish.

episodes tab in anchor app
choose clips to add to episode
anchor app episode description

Replay your clips! This is like a hidden secret.

Go to your station tab and scroll down to the archive section. Find the specific segment that you want people to be able to listen to again on your station. Tap on it so it takes you to the play screen, and press the "replay" arrows to add it to your Anchor station again and to add commentary.​

Just adding it will publish it on your station immediately with the same title, same everything.

Adding a commentary will publish the same segment to your station with a new recorded clip afterwards.​

Replay Clip Anchor App

That's all I got for setting up your Anchor Station and recording your very first clip.​ Let's get on with gaining an audience and becoming one of the early influencers on Anchor.

How to be found on the Anchor App

Guide to Anchor App: How to be Found

Let's be real, even if you put out a lot of content AND it's good, there is no guarantee that you will be heard on Anchor. Let's continue on with this guide to anchor app and get into four possible ways that you can take advantage of to be heard.

Make sure you are "searchable"​ on Anchor

The good old fashioned way of just showing up when people search for something is still one of the best ways to gain an audience. That is, if your content is on point, AND you resonate with the listener.

Everything we are doing when setting up the profile is focused on getting found when people search for something they are interested in listening to. That is why my name is "Pav - Passive Income". It's not very click baity, but for the purposes of being found or for visibility on the app right now, it's good enough to me.

Anchor App Search Menu
SEO Search in Anchor App
money online search in anchor app

As you can see in the above screenshots, when I searched for SEO and Money Online, my old station name, I was the first to show up. This is important.​ It obviously matters how often you release a clip or an episode, so be sure to stay consistent and always put out new content.

The description of your Anchor station so far, has zero effect on whether or not you will show for someone's search term. It is just there to give people a better understanding of what the station is about.​

By far, the best thing you can do is to make amazing captions for each of your clips. As far as I know, there is NO character limit to the caption of your recording and you should use it to your advantage in order to be the first person that shows up in the search.​

​The same thing applies to your episodes. Give them a great searchable name, and an even better description. There is no caption option for episodes, but since you are just aggregating your previous clips, you will have them all there anyways.

no character limit on anchor app caption for clips

By being very descriptive about every single piece of content that you put out, you are doing "SEO", search engine optimization, for Anchor.

Share your latest recordings!

This is really self explanatory. Share your clips, episodes and podcast on Twitter, Facebook, and anywhere else you can think of.

If you've got a killer following on any other platform, this will be a joke to you. Just let people know that you're on Anchor and watch your "listens" light up.

Advertise your station!

If you got the cash, and you're pretty skilled in advertising, go ahead and run some Facebook/Instagram ads for your station.​

It would be wise to target people who you think will listen to your episodes, so brush up on your Facebook ad targeting skills.​

Be Active in the Anchor Community (Updated)

One of the best things about Anchor is the ability to comment on anything and everything, call in to any radio station, favorite your favourite (Canada Eh) stations, and in general, communicate with your audience. 

Clapping is great too. Clap on things you like to let the host know they should keep going with their radio station. If you don't, they may give up and you won't hear from them again. Positive reinforcement, people!

  • Give shout outs and call in to your listeners!

When you see that people are listening to your station, you have the option of giving them a shout-out. This will start recording you and feature their station on yours when you hit done.

In addition, you can call in to their station and ask a question.​

anchor app shout outs
call in on anchor

How to be Found on Anchor: Updated

For the past few days I've been trying to figure out the best way to get an audience. Now we all know that having proper titles for your clips and episodes is really important, but that's just defensive action.

How can we attack the issue of having no listeners? Well, it's by being seen by other people on Anchor. There are only 4 ways of doing this.

  • Comment
  • Listen
  • Call
  • Favorite

I believe the strongest one is by calling the station you are listening to.

As far as I can see, there's only two real reasons why people would call. One is to just ask a question because the person sounds like an authority in their field, and the other would be to let them know that you're on Anchor.

Now, I haven't been doing this, but I do notice that the Top Ranking stations call me to say thanks when I listen to the​m.

What I have been doing is listening to almost all new clips that come out in the charts and favorite them when they grab my attention with something interesting.​

There's no doubt that this is getting me more exposure on Anchor, however, I do try to do this in good taste and actually listen to people instead of just favoring their station and moving on.​ Some don't even have anything except a blip.

My new plan is going to be to start calling people and let them know what I'm about. If they are interested, they will check out the station, if not, then it's all good. Everything is a numbers game.

How to Sound Good on Anchor

Guide to Anchor App: How to Sound Good

The purpose of Anchor is to let you make your own radio station, record clips quickly, and publish episodes and podcasts.

However, if you are worried about the sound of your own voice, your shitty recording quality on the phone, then you can take some steps to improve these things.

Step 1. Everyone hates the sound of their own voice. Don't worry about it.

You could read some books to improve the sound of your own voice, but this won't change the fact that you may not like how you sound. It's just something you get used to over time.​

Step 2. To solve the shitty record quality of your phone's mic, get a bluetooth headset, or one of those old fashioned headphones with a mic and a 3.5mm jack. Thanks iPhone 7.​

There are also bluetooth microphones, but they may be over the top for now.​

You can use a mic filter for your phone, take a look at this crazy thing on Amazon. It doesn't look very comfortable. I wouldn't get it.

I just use my phone and sometimes my bluetooth Jaybirds. (Shameless affiliate link)

jaybirds for anchor

Step 3. It's OK to make mistakes, that's part of Anchor.

​If you make a mistake in your recording that you can't deal with, go ahead and record it again. This usually happens to me about 2 or 3 times before I get something I'm happy with. However, if the clip is long and I messed up near the end, I just deal with it by making fun of the mistake and I move on.

Guide to Anchor App Upload Podcasts

Guide to Anchor App: Upload Podcasts

If you're already a prominent podcaster or someone who has a lot of audio content, you can go ahead and login to your account on the Anchor site. Be careful with your Google account though, I found that it was pretty impossible to login on the website when I used the "sign in with Google" option in the Anchor App.

​Once you login to your account, click on your profile name and choose "Upload Audio". Drag and drop the file from your desktop, or use the YouTube or SoundCloud url bar to fetch it from there.

upload audio to anchor app

From there, you can go ahead and clip it as you like​, for a maximum of 5 minutes. Bummer. If your audio file is over 5 minutes, just make multiple clips within the selection area. You can move them around as well.

Finally, hit next and add titles and background tracks to each clip. I noticed that there is no caption option, but you can always just edit this within the Anchor App itself.

Guide to Anchor App: Final Words

Anchor App is great for allowing you make your own radio station. There are a few setbacks such as not being able to download episodes to listen offline and not knowing if you have previously listened to something before.

You also can't make a playlist besides favoring stations which just play in order when you hit play.​

What I hope to see in the future

  • Playlist Option
  • Offline Listening like Pocket Casts
  • An indicator if something has been "listened to"

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this incredibly large Guide to Anchor App post. Let me know if you have any questions. Leave a comment below with your station name, I'll call in or give you a shout out on mine. Now let's get out there and become the next generation of influencers.

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