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WordPress formatting has never been my strong suit. Issues such as line spacing, font types and image placement always work against me. As I’m writing this, my screen is too damn big to actually see how it will turn out. If you are having a problem with getting your posts to look exactly how you want them, keep reading because this article is about solving that once and for all.

The battle we all face

After we publish a post, we all come back to it to do some small edits. I am editing all of my previous posts on this blog and the niche website, which fortunately only has one post so far. If you are in the same boat or want to start blogging, make sure you select a theme that you are completely satisfied with and learn some HTML and CSS. The current theme you see here is Vivid from ThemeForest.

There are several blogs that have really epic post formats and fonts.

The goal is to mimic their style because they are easy to read and look professional.blog formatting

If you are new to blogging, make sure you do this;

  • Use text to write instead of visual.
  • Make sure you use header tags, H1 to H6
  • Use pictures that relate to the post topic

Good content will keep your audience interested, but if it’s in a shitty wall of text, you can guarantee that people will cringe.

Learn to format your blog post like a pro!

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