First Niche Site Lessons and Mistakes

It’s been a week since the creation of the first Niche Site.

There were several big realizations.

It is important to have great content
Honestly, when something is published, it takes a few days to be happy with it. You keep on going back and making small edits, but unless you set deadline for yourself for when it will be finished, you never stop. Go back to the post in a month from now.

Search Engines take a day or so to list your website
This doesn’t matter too much and you shouldn’t expect your blog to be on the first page of google immediately. It takes time and even if you have good SEO, it’s best to just check after a week for concrete results.

Publishing one or two great posts a week is good enough
For a niche site, that is a pretty damn good amount of blog posts. It takes time to come up with good content, good pictures, and formatting your post.

Have something no one else has
This blog is pretty much a beginners guide on how to make a niche site in 2015. Hell, it’s going to be a beginners guide on how to make a niche site in 2016 as well. There’s only one more month remaining, and at that point, all of the problems I am currently experiencing will be solved for you.

Long Tail Keywords are really important
Just because I used several of the keywords related to my niche website domain, I was able to get on the 5th pageĀ of google.

Marketing and promoting is necessary
You have got to spend the time to find an audience. A specific audience, not just random people. Although if you apply the numbers game and reach out to 100 random people, maybe 5% will become readers. If you keep writing content and no one is reading it, it becomes a little bit demotivating. At one point, take a week off from posting and just work on promoting your blog and editing posts.

promote your blog

Next to learn

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • How to make a calculator on the blog
  • How to make an eBook
  • How to get emails before sending out ebook

Niche Site Results

5th Page of Google if searched for the domain name
Honestly, there’s only one post on it so far, and to be even within 10 pages is pretty damn amazing to me.

0 Visitors
Due to absolutely no promotion or marketing. There’s no reason to begin this until a few more things are completed.

Next Goals

  • To find 5 new blogs every day related to each Niche Website
  • To tweet 5 times a day
  • To pin 5 new things everyday
  • To devise a good marketing and promotion strategy
  • To have 5 posts on the niche website
  • Figure out what to sell
  • Write epic content and format better

The plan is to make a free eBook to get people to subscribe to the email list on the Niche Site. When it has about 5 posts, it will be time to start creating an eBook outline.

Generally you want to condense all your information from the blog posts into a neatly organized book and use it to get people to sign up for your newsletter. Hell, you can even make a little cheat sheet that they are able to download or print. Justin recently published a post on why you shouldn’t give away eBooks without getting anything in return.

Everything you read here is a “learning as you go” process. Hell, even this blog is a learn as you go process, it’s just a transparent version of what is going on.

Since one of my goals is to find 5 new blogs everday, there’s a lot of bullshit going on around when I’m searching for them.

Articles such as “how to make $100/month” when the person writing doesn’t even do that himself. If you frequent Reddit, you might have seen a thread “Why does bloggers fail?”. Well, it’s because of hundreds of articles like that. We call them keyboard jockeys, people who don’t make anything happen but just write about it.

its a numbers game, just do it

Now, because this is a journey that you are coming along with me on, there’s things that you should expect to see from me and things you shouldn’t.

Expect to see;

  • advice from me that is working for me
  • resources that will be useful to you
  • affiliates
  • my processes

Don’t expect to see;

  • how to make $100/month – why? Because I haven’t done it yet
  • how to gain thousands off followers on twitter and pinterest, I haven’t done this yet either

There’s a few books I have read that are the key to my motivation. A few of them are “how not to fail” books, and a few are just about self development.

The Shark and the Goldfish
The book that teaches you to be a winner through a story. This is honestly my favorite short story.

The Now Habit
A book to help you become more productive and stop procrastination. Just remember, your will power is the biggest influencing factor.

How to Win Friends and Influence People
Exactly what it says. This book can help you develop stronger relationships with people.

Good to Great
If you are a start up or want to build your own business, it is important to understand a few of the requirements that will make you great.
One of the biggest takeaways I had from this book is to find the right people first and then things will go well.

Never Eat Alone
Something to think about when you go get breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no point in eating alone. Invite someone or tag along!

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