Different methods for Niche Sites

I'm proud to say that my blog and two other niche sites are completely overhauled. The layouts are adjusted and the lead generation methods are setup in a similar way as you see here.

  • Layouts
  • Lead Generation

There are just a few things left to do;

  • Present niche sites in a different way
  • A/B test the call to action

I have been doing some research regarding successful Niche Sites, and one common thing that keeps re-appearing is the fact that they all have a squeeze page as their home page. The blog is secondary and provides the visitor with comfort. 

Hell, their blog posts don't even have dates associated with the time of publishing. They just try to stay relevant by either updating their posts or writing new content every few months.​

The Niche Sites

My first niche site is in the health and fitness industry. It's got 4 pages, the blog, an about us page, privacy policy, and a free online software tool embedded to help the visitor calculate calories.

The free software is the most visited page and I feel like it should be unlockable via an email transaction. This is going to happen, I will lock the content and see if I get more subscribers.

This niche site is not made the same way as these profitable websites, and that is starting to seem like a problem. I feel like I'm trying to re-invent the wheel instead of just making it better.

The new approach will to be re-arrange the static home page and turn it into a squeeze page to sell a product or grab an email. Each blog post will have 1-2 affiliate links cloaked with the pretty links plugin. In addition, the "About us" page needs to be personalized with a picture of yourself.

Good squeeze pages will get you emails.

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This Niche site will turn into an experiment following other niche site styles, formatting, type of content, affiliate networks, pictures, etc, and we will see what happens.

Have a Twitter, a Pinterest and an Instagram account with the purpose of adding 100 people a day. After a month, that's 9000 people, and it makes sense that a minimum of 1% will visit the website, but it will probably be way more because 90 seems too little of a number from 9000 who see that you followed them.

Niche Site 2

This site is more of a local business thing in the makeup industry. The purpose is to use it to gather emails and to sell to the subscribers either products or services through a newsletter.

Another alternative is to go to businesses in the area and say "Hey, I have all these people, your target market, at my disposal to contact, what would you like to say to them every month for a monthly fee?"​

Niche Site 3

Niche Site #3 is going to be in the Sports industry. It is something that I have taken an interest in and would genuinely like to learn about before getting involved and spending money.

It will have the same pages as Niche Site 1, a privacy policy page, about page, a contact page, and the blog and a squeeze page.​ The privacy policy page is the same on all websites, it is taken from wordpress.org and altered a little. Check the one on this blog.

The main affiliate network for these niche sites will be amazon. Largely because the current niche sites are promoting products which you usually buy from amazon due to their history and the trust people have in them.

Setting up an auto-responder will help you down the road, new subscribers will see the very first emails and if you keep them updated they will keep coming, increasing your chances of making a sale.


  • This Blog - 50 Unique visitors last week
  • Niche Site 1 - 56 unique visitors last week
  • Niche Site 2 - 29 Unique Visitors last week 

Time spent promoting any of these is less than a cummulative of 1 hour.


  • Dreamhost Affiliate - $97

Generating money within a month from creating this blog was an amazing feeling.


  • Thrive Themes - $220
  • New Domain - $15

A reminder, we are not trying to re-invent the wheel. Leave a comment below and let me know what method has worked for you.

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