December Transparency Report

Not going to lie, December was a slow month.

Slowly beginning a transition into monthly reports, only so much can happen within 7 days. However, if anything noteworthy does come up, it will be mentioned ASAP.

This blog and the first niche site are slowly progressing at an even pace.

A takeaway I had recently due to a relatively popular blog post on my first Niche Site was to always be solving a problem for a specific audience. I believe that if this is taken really seriously, you will do well.

On the side note using Evernote is amazing. I have it on my phone, laptop, tablet and desktop, allowing me to access my writing from anywhere anytime. This lets me jot down my ideas so I can later on expand and make a great blog post.

Let's see what happened this past month...‚Äč

A Niche Site a Week


Niche Site 1


My recent post on Niche Site #1, combined with Instagram and Pinterest had the most views in a day I've ever had. This is due to the article focusing on solving a specific problem for a certain group of people.

I used Canva to make the Instagram post, 1080 by 1080 dimensions and then just made it pretty with a heading and a glass looking shape. Also used the same image for pinterest.

There's 4 different hashtags in every Instagram and Twitter post, doesn't matter much for Pinterest.

Niche Site 2 Rant

Writing articles on Evernote and optimizing them as per my "how to publish great blog posts" process.

Niche Site 3 Rant

Niche Site #3 site is waiting for its domain name. Performing long tail keyword research on Google Adwords and LTP to find something that is catchy and searchable.

I have already drafted several posts that will be included when I launch this and am looking to create an ebook for this industry.

Social Media Analytics

Social media is going well, adding 100 people on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram is slowly building up the audience. Most of the traffic I get is from these sources.

A Niche Site a Week


Niche Site 1


Pinterest isn't really doing me justice, but I guess that's because I haven't figured it out yet. I around a 10% follow back rate, however, it seems like this doesn't matter too much because the amount of repins or likes on the pictures I post is low, and there's no generated traffic.

A Niche Site a Week Pinterest

Niche Site 1 Pinterest

There seems to be no traffic from google, also known as organic traffic, just yet. If your website is new, definitely promote yourself on these mediums.

Google Page Rank

If you search "a niche site a week", this blog is on page 2, but honestly, who the hell searches that?

Niche Site 1 is on page 5, with no "real" keyword optimization

Niche site 2 is on page 4, literally no content.


Writing a little "blog post checklist" pdf to get email signs ups for this blog and creating one for Niche Site 1.

I ordered a Fiverr Logo for this blog as well as Niche Site #1, they turned out really well. Thinking of doing the same thing for any future Niche Sites and perhaps some eBook covers for my pdfs to make the "lead pages" look nice.

I've got to give these sites some kind of alias name here instead of saying "Niche Site 1, 2 or 3".


  • $20 - Thrive Themes
  • $10 - Hosting
  • $4 - Domains
  • $34 - Total Expenses


  • $0 - Dreamhost
  • $0 - Amazon
  • $0 - Thrive Themes
  • $0 - Commission Junction
  • $0 - Click Bank
  • $0 - Total Income

AdSense is slowly catching my attention. The reason for not having it in the beginning was due to it lowering the quality of the blog and displaying ads that I really don't have 100% control over.

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