Content Overload and 3000 Word Posts

The niche site I'm working on is hitting consistent amazon affiliate commission numbers. Last month was $250 and January was $350. March is at around $144 already, and we're only about a 3rd of the way in. Things are looking good. This month, I plan on overloading the content and to begin publishing 3000 word posts.

My reasons for doing this;

  • Stagnating on the traffic
  • Stagnating on income
  • No big changes recently (past 2 months)

What have I added last month to the Niche Site?

  • Added AMP
  • Added 4 Articles
  • Added 2 Links by Guest Posting
  • Ran some AB Tests for Email Sign Ups
AB Testing

Above is Lay's Chips A/B testing at a Longo's nearby like a boss. I would go for the ones with the perfect smile.

In my last post, I discussed adding AMP to your blog, and have done so on mine. Though when performing a google search for the keywords, the blog does not have the AMP sign beside the link, which means there is still work to be done to fully integrate AMP.

In addition, I boasted about how "content is king". Unfortunately I only added 4 articles throughout the month of February, and will be ramping it up a little for March.​

Let's break down my revenue and cost strategy for this month, using the funds from January. If you're wondering how you get paid by amazon, or when you get paid by Amazon, it's usually after you break the $10 point, and what you made in January gets sent out to you at the end of March. That's a 2 month delay.

Revenue​ (From January)





Google AdSense




For me, the budget is $270. The Google AdSense income is bad, I'm not too sure how to optimize it to be honest.

Expenses​ (For March)

Stuff I buy


New Logo


New Theme


6 Articles








So as you can see, I take no profit, mainly because I do not need it at the moment, and I can pool all the money the niche site makes, back into it.

Niche Site March Gameplan (3000 Word Posts)

Besides fixing AMP this month, my plan is to scale the content, targeting a lot more keywords, and making bigger posts, around 3000 words.

To find the keywords, I'm basically looking at competitors and trying to knock them off the first page of google. The articles that they have at 1000 words, I will scale to 2000 words, and so on. These articles will be outsourced on Upwork and on HireWriters, 5 of them will be around 1000 words, and the other will be 3000. I really want to rank for those keywords.

In addition to directly competing for keywords, I will also be using keyword revealer, longtail pro, and kwfinder to see what's out there. I'll be using the free version of all but LongTail Pro.

The new logo and theme are bought to make the niche site look better. The logo upgrade was a must from those simple Fiverr gigs, and if you find the right artist on Upwork, $10 can go a long way. Hell, maybe I'll even get this logo re-done.

Theme was found by just looking around at what real magazines and bloggers use in that niche. Eventually I found something good and just bought it on envato.​

That's all I have for now! Give me a shout if you're reading this, and ask any questions you may have. I look forward to reporting back soon.

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