Backlink Frenzy (Getting ahead of your Competition)

I am at 12 blog posts on my beauty niche site. Working on 1 more to have 3 good amazon affiliate articles. Then, I plan on going on a backlink frenzy.

To my surprise, the niche site pulled in 4 affiliate sales​ generating its first revenue of $2.36. It felt pretty good, but it didn't inspire me much to get really into it.

That's a re-occuring problem, to be honest. Burning yourself out is easy, and I talked about it before. Once you start deviating from a schedule, it becomes a battle to get everything done on time, and you eventually stop and get a bit sad that shit isn't working out how you expected it to.

There were a few people who I kept in contact with, and I hope to see them writing soon. It's hard to keep going alone!

Talking to you;


Passive Income Journey

It's not easy to continuously produce content, especially when you want to hit the gym, work your 8-hour job, and try to get those 7 hours of sleep in.

I am slowly drifting away from these responsibilities and unless I get my act together, I may even drop the whole thing. When you work a LOT, you burn yourself out really quickly.

This post was written in Evernote a long time ago, however, just now, I got back to editing and actually publishing it.

There was no article at the end of February since I took a short vacation to Hong Kong for 3 nights. Hell, maybe I should start a travel blog.

​Anyway, let's get back on track and talk about what I did from my last post.

The Hoth Breakdown (Backlink Frenzy)

After reading several reviews, I decided not to waste my money on their $100 plan as discussed in my previous blog post.

This is due to a few people acknowledging that some of the backlink that they got, simply disappeared. So why the hell would I want to spend $100 USD which is about $140 Canadian after conversion tax and exchange rate on something that will not be stable?​ I don't.

If anything, I will save up money for one of their premium deals which people say good things about. Some are obviously just affiliate articles, but some show real data to back their claims.

Here's a list of blogs that either talked shit or supported The Hoth.​

Nichesiteazon - Link Building with The Hoth​

TechToucan - The Hoth Review​

DumbPassiveIncome - Link Building Packages from The Hoth​

RegPaq - A 5 Month Review and analysis of The Hoth​

HumanProofDesigns - Is Hoth a viable back link service?

However, not to say that The Hoth services are bad, it's just that their low-end model does not sound very promising. Everyone praises their $250 package.

Seeing how my beauty blog still doesn't have a domain authority on Long Tail Pro, I'm going to estimate it at about 9 to 12 at this point.

I've done as much as I have with it as this blog, and this is at 14.

​So, my new plan is going to be to buy the $250 package from The Hoth and point it to the 3 amazon affiliate blog post articles. Mainly the ones that have a doppleganger niche site, time to knock those guys out.

Several of those doppleganger sites are making $300 and above, and I'm suspicious of one of them being something from NichePursuits. It looks well made and kind of intimidating.

I won't be doing a monthly income report for February and March, no point unless I make a decent amount. $2.36 isn't bad, but it's nothing worth making a whole report about. People bought shit from amazon, and I made some affiliate money.

However, I do want to record the amount I spent on the beauty blog, including the future backlink service.​

  • $15 Domain
  • $5 for a Fiverr Logo
  • $5 for a Cheap Backlink Experiment
  • $50 for a solid article
  • $250 for a premium backlink service

Let's hope I make that back, otherwise, my motivation will be non-existent. I'll have to figure out a new way to make money, maybe I'll try Etsy or write a book about the biggest online scam of 2016 "How people who make money online, sell you the lie that you can do it too!".

That's my little update for now, I'll see what happens in the next 30 days. At the time of publishing this post, the Beauty Site will be either on the path to being screwed or very well off with my backlink frenzy.

Hopefully it all works out, then I'll be spending the income on a solid hosting service. Just as DreamPress.

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