Amazon OneLink vs Genius (Maximizing your income)

If you haven't heard of the latest amazon affiliate updates, then you'll be pretty happy to find out that they recently introduced Amazon Onelink. This will finally let affiliates who run an online website with links to the US Amazon store, be able to redirect customers from UK to their own UK Amazon while letting you, the person from US, make a commission off the sale.

Previously, if you had a link to the US store and the customer was in UK, they would be automatically redirected to the UK store and you would not get the affiliate sale.​

​I have been using geniuslink for a long time to avoid this and to maximize my income, however, genius charges you based on the number of clicks with $10 minimum, while Amazon is charging you $0.

Amazon OneLink vs genius

Let's get into the details regarding each service along with their services.

Amazon OneLink

As of the date when this article is published, amazon only lets you link your US, Canada, and UK accounts to maximize your profit. You first link them on their website, then embed a JavaScript code into the footer of your website.

You may also check where the Amazon.com link redirrects as if you were in Canada or UK to ensure that it is working properly. Unfortunately, if it is not working, there is no option to ​fix it except give Amazon a thumbs up or thumbs down on the matching product result.

Amazon OneLink Feedback

If you are just starting out blogging or making a niche site, I highly recommend you go with this OneLink feature, and when you start to make money online, switch over to Genius to work on A/B testing, track conversions, use remarketing pixels, etc.

Unfortunately, Amazon OneLink does not work on their native ads, or scripts that you would setup in blog posts, sidebar widets, etc.

You can read more on the Amazon Associates blog.


Genius obviously wins right now when you compare their most expensive plan to Amazon's early OneLink version. However, even at the lowest tier of Genius, they allow you to manually input your own links to the Canada and UK store to ensure that your website visitor see's exactly what you want them to see.

I mentioned Canada and UK, but genius supports every single Amazon website around the world, therefore you will be able to make more money back if you are based in a different country.​

So a link to this Shark and the Goldfish book will give me a commission if you buy it from any of the listed Amazon stores below.

genius countries

I will keep using genius

There's absolutely no reason for me to switch to Amazon OneLink as of now, perhaps when they roll out some more features I will give up genius, hell, maybe Amazon will buy them out.

If you are someone who already has a website that links to products on Amazon and you ARE making money. Go ahead and get the geni.us plan for $10 a month.

Let me know if there are any other services that do something similar to this, and if you have implemented either OneLink or geni.us into your blog!​

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