Adding AMP and Dealing with Competitors

In this blog post, I'd like to discuss something I have began to notice recently when searching for things on google, and that is the little "AMP" text beside the link. This is only on mobile phones. We will be Adding AMP to make our blog load faster, and to rank better.

In the picture below, I searched "dinosaurs". Only one of the links on the first page of google has AMP. It also looks like most news websites have it, but besides that, you don't see it too often.​


I'm not too into the niche site scene right now, but I guess I will have to be active in the community to actually get views on the this blog. The Instagram and Facebook advertisement got me 125 likes but barely any visits. I'll keep playing around with them to see what works.

Adding AMP - Speeding Up Your Blog

AMP makes it much quicker to load the page that you are about to click, removing a lot of wait time. It does this by avoiding to load images, in my case, it was just the blog post header, and all the stuff that makes your website look pretty.​ You can read more about it here.

Without AMP

Without AMP

With AMP

Adding AMP

Personally, I downloaded the AMP Plugin and Glue for Yoast. That's about all you need to get started. After you do this, go to any one of your blog posts, and at the end, type /amp in the nav bar. It'll show you what your post looks like, and will look like on a mobile device.

Another thing I wanted to talk about is other Niche Sites in your Turf. There's plenty of things to become an amazon affiliate for, however, when someone who has a similar niche site decides to comment on one of your blog posts, it's a warning sign. It is to me anyways. Like Gary Vaynerchuck says, it's better to try and put yourself out of business ​rather than someone else doing it to you.

Niche Site Competitors - My Approach

About a week ago, I had someone leave a comment on one of my blog posts with their blog link in their "contact info" option. It was simple and natural, like "great blog post". I usually like to check who the person is before I approve the comment, so I pressed on the website, which was actually a specific article on their blog.

This told me that they are on my Niche site, creating a backlink on my site, to theirs, which is in the exactly same niche. There are similar articles on their site, and much of the same keywords that I rank for. Hell, even the website name is a "product" + "reviews". It can't be more obvious.

What I became more aware of, is that there are other similar niche sites out there who are definitely fighting to get their posts to rank.

I checked them out in SEMRush, and they have about 2k more organic traffic than mine. Also looked into ahrefs to see where all of their backlinks are coming from. By the way, ahrefs, is a gold mine.

My game plan is to now slowly drain away their traffic​ by acquiring links from the same places they have, and to pretty much kill this niche site. The only ones who survive are the ones that do it consistently, and always work on their niche site. It is passive income at night when you're asleep, but when you are awake, get ready to fight for those google ranks.

You can definitely automate all your work, when you get to a point​ where you begin to break even on hosting, domain name, and your theme cost.

My goal for this month and the next will be to target this one niche site that decided to enter my territory and to take care of them.​ I will report back.

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